The Purpose of Martial Arts Training

Martial Arts, Purpose, and Motivation for GB San Clemente Students

So I was teaching the All Levels Class last Tuesday and kept thinking about something I read: “purpose is the secret of human motivation”.

As I held that thought in my mind, I ask my self: “Why are they all here?”.

Our students come from all walks of life: marines, doctors, lawyers, high schoolers, moms and off course many children.

The typical reasons they join our school are self defense, fitness, discipline, self confidence; bullying, etc.

Yes, the list above is a good explanation of why they are all here, but are we showing them the real meaning of studying martial arts?

In other words, is there a fundamental reason behind the immediate motivation that brought them to the school in the first place?

20 years in Jiu-Jitsu have taught me that self defense is the means not the end. Losing weight is the means, not the end. Chasing the gold medal is the means, not the end.

Back in the university, my professor of development economics taught me a valuable lesson: “many human evils could’ve been avoided if there was less confusion between means and ends”.

The confusion of means and ends in martial arts is that most people come to class to learn how to fight and fail to see that in learning how to fight they are achieving a higher goal: make themselves and around them better.

If you can see the real meaning of your training is personal growth, you will tap into gigantic source motivation.

You will also find that victories and defeats are only events on your journey and that there is no such a thing as failure as long as you don’t quit.

Let’s keep on moving.

Prof. Flavio Almeida

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