Vic Jones has been involved with martial arts since the age of 13 years; he won the best outstanding student award at his first grading in which he received a plaque. At the age of 15 Vic won his first major competition and was told by senior coaches that he would represent and fight for Great Britain, exams got in the way and he had to stop training. He did not continue, which he regretted much after.

Years later Vic got involved in Olympic wrestling and was being coached by Yousef Alikhasi, a few months after wrestling he wanted to learn submissions so he tried out BJJ, judo and traditional jujitsu. But it just was not enough; he wanted some devastating submissions to compliment his wrestling. His training partner who was a good friend of a guy named Ian Quigley who trained in catch wrestling told him that there is a old man who coaches catch wrestling in Leigh, Wigan borough. Vic tried it out and when he first seen this old man he thought to himself who is this old man and does he know catch wrestling, this little old man would demonstrate a move on him, he thought to himself that it feels like a 20 stone guy has put all his weight on him and cranked the hell out of his neck, that old man was by the name of Jack Mountford.

Vic being Vic wanted to see if the moves he learned from jack would actually work against BJJ or judokas, so Vic went back to BJJ just after a few months training and was constantly told off that he was not allowed to apply leg locks and that its illegal, so Vic thought BJJ was not for him, he went back to the judo club and would put a black belt in a wrist lock who screamed out on the mat “ARGHH WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT”? Then another would shout at him saying “THATS ILLEGAL GO LEARN SOME F*****G JUDO” and another situation where a senior black belt shouted at him saying “GET YOUR F*****G HANDS OUT OF MY FACE NOW” as Vic was applying a cross face. Vic began to train with Tommy Heyes parallel training with jack and learned a similar but different approach to catch wrestling; Vic was coached by Tommy Heyes since January 2012 until Tommy announced his retirement to Vic in 2015 due to a bad shoulder injury.From the catch wrestling training with jack and Tommy, Vic never stopped training in Olympic wrestling although he did have quite a few breaks due to injuries, his main Olympic/freestyle wrestling coach is an Iranian champion by the name of Mohammad Haghighatdoust he trains trains with his coach twice a week and was doing private training with him for nearly 2 years, Vic has also trained with British wrestler Dave Sweeney for quite some time, Mike Grundy, Shasha and Oleg.

Vic has coached a lieutenant in overseas army (for legal reasons cant mention name), Vale Tudo combat Sambo club (Tom Carson head coach), Irish bare knuckle Vale Tudo champion in Brazil (Thomas Lamont) and has also assisted Jack with Lancashire catch wrestling seminars. Vic Continues now in catch as catch can wrestling and Olympic freestyle from the very best coaches in their fields. he has got 2 students of his own in which he passes on his knowledge through private sessions Mark Elliot (Gracie Barra black belt and combative instructor) and Danny Charlton, (Gracie Barra student and ex power lifter). Vic’s dream is to one day run and coach his own catch wrestling club in the near future and create punishers on the mats.

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